Allegra 6

The Allegra® 6 series centrifuges offer versatility and large-capacity performance for outstanding throughput. Keeping a watchful eye on safety and convenience, these centrifuges were designed from the ground up to match your space requirements and application needs perfectly. The compact Allegra 6 benchtop family is offered in refrigerated or non-refrigerated knee-well models.

  • Refrigerated or ambient benchtop options
  • ARIES™ Smart Balance Rotor 
  • This series boost ease of use and quiet operation

Allegra 6 Benchtop Centrifuge Features

Ideal for cell culture, plasma and other general-purpose separations

  • Process up to 56 x 15 mL conical tubes or 12 standard microplates
  • Spin tubes, bottles, microplates and specialty bottles up to 3,210 x g
  • Interchangeable rotors available
  • Offered in refrigerated or ambient benchtop options as well as refrigerated kneewell models

Aerosolve Canisters and Lids for Maximum Protection—Certified Biocontainment

  • Clear plastic body and special adapters allow tube inspection while canister remains sealed
  • Autoclavable up to 121º C
  • Available adapters from 1.5 mL tube to 230 mL conical bottle

Microplate Carriers—Perfect for Cell Adhesion

  • For Use with GH-3.8 Swinging-bucket Rotor
  • Holds 16 standard Microplates, 4 deep-well (1.8 mL) or 4 square-well (2.0 mL) Plates
  • Up to 2,980 x g

GH-3.8 Swinging-bucket Rotor

  • 4 x 750 mL Maximum Capacity
  • 11 Different Adapters — Spin From 1.5 mL Tubes to 750 mL Bottles
  • Bucket Covers Certified* for Biocontainment
  • Up to 3,210 x g

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Allegra 6 Benchtop Centrifuge Specifications

Speed Control ±|30.00|rpm of set speed
Timed Run 30 min timer hold
Max Capacity Volume Range |3,000.00|mL
Temperature Range(s) Ambient temperature range: 10° to 35°C
Item Specifications Referenced 366802

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