MET ONE 3411

As surface geometry for storing massive amounts of data has dramatically decreased, particle monitoring for microelectronics manufacturers has become increasingly important. MET ONE 3411 portable air particle counters are designed to meet the unique demands of semiconductor cleanroom monitoring, process benchmarking and particle troubleshooting applications.

WPortable air particle counter for ISO 14464 cleanroom verification in ISO 1 and 2 environments.

  • 0.1 micron sensitivity (range 0.1 μm-1.0 μm)
  • Sequential sampling with optional collector
  • Fan inactive during operation to minimize particle impact
  • Simplified interface for area, location & operating parameter configuration/replication

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ISO 14644-1 Class 5 compliant sampling
ISO 21501-4 compliant for accurate process benchmarking & troubleshooting 


Data Management

• Wireless, Ethernet, Serial & USB communication
• Printed or paperless data output
• Open communication architecture


• Up to 6 particle size channels (2.83 LPM flow rate (0.1 CFM)
• Sequential sampling capability
• Long-life laser technology for improved performance & lower operating costs


Semiconductor cleanroom classification & monitoring
Continuous environmental monitoring
Process troubleshooting


Product Specifications

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