Kaluza Analysis Software

Kaluza Analysis Software is designed to simply, efficiently, and quickly analyze multi-color data. Four simple control panels provide access to every aspect of your data.

Install the software on as many computers as needed and control access with the license option that fits your needs. A variety of single user and multi-user licenses are available. Learn more about the philosophy behind the Kaluza Analysis Software.

  • Loads any FCS compliant file through standard 3.1
  • Real time processing of multi-color files of up to 20 million events
  • Move compensated, transformed, and anonymized data sets to the Cytobank cloud platform with the Kaluza Cytobank Plugin
  • Innovative interface with workflow and ease of use as top priorities


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Kaluza Felsefesi

  • Bağlama özel radyal menüler ile işlevler parmaklarınızın ucunda
  • Dört kontrol paneli verilerinize her yönden erişim sağlar
  • Veri ekranında gerçek zamanlı ayarlamalar

Sürüm 2.1'e Yükseltme

Kaluza Farkı

Yönetici Araçları

  • 10 ila 1000'den fazla kullanıcıyı yönetmek için Ağ Lisansı Kontrol Merkezini paylaşılan bir sunucuya indirin
  • Belirli kullanıcılar için ayrıntılı kullanım raporları ve sorgu kayıtları oluşturma
  • Mevcut lisans anahtarlarını görüntüleyin ve yeni anahtarları etkinleştirmek için kullanın



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Kaluza Analysis Software Brochure Kaluza Analysis Software allows access to data analysis of large files resulting from complex color analysis.
Getting Started with Kaluza: Loading Files and Creating Plots Learn how to open Flow Cytometry Standard (FCS) files in Kaluza and how to start building your own gating hierarchy using basic plot types such as histograms and biaxial plots
Assessment of T-cell receptor repertoire by flow cytometry using the Beta Mark TCR Vβ repertoire kit and Kaluza analysis software Discover a rapid and robust solution to investigate the TCR Vβ repertoire using flow cytometry
Use Machine Learning Algorithms to Explore the Potential of Your High Dimensional Flow Cytometry Data Example of a 20–color Panel on CytoFLEX LX Understand how to perform machine learning algorithms like viSNE and FlowSOM to identify phenotypes of populations/subsets present in the 20–color CytoFLEX LX flow cytometry data
Using Advanced Plot Types in Kaluza: Comparison Plots for Visualization of the TCR Vbeta Repertoire Introduces the Comparison Plot as a tool to compare several data sets in line or bar charts. See how Comparison Plots can be used to visualize a clonogram representation of the TCR Vβ repertoire.

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