Biomek i7 Automated Workstation

The most powerful and comprehensive Biomek available.

  • High-throughput
  • 45 deck positions
  • 0.5 - 5,000 µL pipetting volume range
  • Single or dual heads

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Product Specifications

Minimum Table Support Requirements 1xcm(0xin)
Pod and Tool Type 1μL - 300 μL 96-Channel Head; 5 μL -1200 μL 96-Channel head; 0.5 μL - 60 μL Multichannel-384 Head
Tip Type T30_384; T25F_384; T50_384; T40F_384; T80_384; T40F; T80_LLS; T40F_LSS; T90; T50F; T90_LSS; T50F_LLS; T230; T230_LSS; T190F_LLS; T230_WB; T1070; T1020_WB
Operating System Windows® 10
Software Biomek software, SAMI EX scheduling software, Biomek PowerPack software, Biomek Method Launcher, DART 2.0 software
Display 22" controller screen
Operating Modes Semi-automated, manual, controlled by operator
Item Specifications Referenced B87580

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Automation-application-note-biomek-i7-cell-line-development-hit-picking The basic concept of hit picking is simple – 1) identify hits based on assay data and 2) consolidate these hits into a new labware in an identifiable way
Automation-application-note-biomek-i7-Illumina-Nextera-Flex-enrichment-2020-05 In this flyer, we describe and demonstrate the automated performance of the Illumina Nextera Flex for Enrichment assay on the Biomek i7 Hybrid Genomics Workstation
Automation-application-note-biomek-i7-cell-line-development-hit-picking In this application note we discuss how hit picking was automated as part of a cell line development workflow
Automation-application-note-biomek-i7-illumina-truseq-stranded-mrna Illumina TruSeq® Stranded mRNA Sample Preparation Kit protocol converts mRNA from total RNA into a template sample of known origin
Automation-application-note-biomek-i7-IDT-XGen-Hybrid-Cap Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) has enabled collection of exome-wide information faster than any previous technology.

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