Biomek NGeniuS

Biomek NGeniuS

  • A flexible, easy-to-use liquid handler for NGS library preparation
  • Increase walk-away time
  • Processes up to 24 samples at a time
  • Diverse menu of demonstrated applications

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Biomek NGeniuS - An Automated NGS Workstation

  • A simple, easy-to-use, purpose-built liquid handler for NGS library preparation. Biomek NGeniuS is ideal for laboratories requiring flexibility and less hands-on time. The user-friendly interface requires no programing skills.
  • Reduces errors with Dynamic DeckOptix for guided labware placement and confirmation
  • Increase walk-away time with an integrated thermal cycler, labware transport and reagent aliquoting
  • Batch setup and system monitoring virtually anywhere from a Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge enabled computer using the Biomek NGeniuS portal
  • Plug-and-play implementation in your lab with an array of library preparation kits from multiple vendors
Biomek NGeniuS straight front green light door open

Reduce Errors

  • Biomek NGeniuS virtually eliminates loading errors by combining the optical analytics of Dynamic DeckOptix and the user-friendly head-up display guiding users with real-time feedback on labware placement, ensuring correct deck loading, before automatically advancing to the next step.
  • Have confidence in the setup while Dynamic DeckOptix labware and reagent identification checks for capped reagent vials, incorrect sample input reaction vessels, misplaced or un-removed plate covers, and missing thermal cycling pads.

Minimize hands-on time

  • Reduce the need to manually transfer reagents and automate most manual chemistry kits by loading reagents directly onto the reagent carousel
  • Protect reagents from thermal degradation with temperature-controlled reagent storage allowing you to run end-to-end chemistries
  • Extend walk-away time with integrated thermal cycler and labware transport
  • Ensure the right tip for the right volume without manual intervention with Selective Tip Type to utilize both 96 and 384 configured tips

Biomek NGeniuS hand holding reaction vessel A9857

Easy to Use

  • Work-from-anywhere batch setup and system monitoring with the Biomek NGeniuS Portal software using a Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge enabled computer.
  • No programing skills required for batch setup—simply name the batch, select the number of samples, from 4 to 24, make any necessary settings adjustments, select stop points—compatible with the method—that fits your schedule, upload your sample information, and you’re ready to go.
  • Save time and effort by downloading a batch specific Work Aid to generate a simple check list which includes the reagents needed for the run, and instructions on how to prepare and load reagents and consumables.
  • Turn and select on the system using the Software Navigation Dial to select the batch and you are ready to run
  • Monitor the system status with 360° line of sight from the multicolor status light. If you are not in sight of your instrument, remotely monitor the system through the Biomek NGeniuS Portal using a Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge enabled computer.

Biomek NGeniuS pipetting head gripper gripping loading reaction vessel thermal cycler A9924


  • Run the samples you have on hand now. Biomek NGeniuS can run any number of samples from 4-24, while minimizing reagent waste and providing the turnaround time needed for your lab
  • Complimentary demonstrated application library is designed to evolve with your changing needed.
  • Set-up and run multiple instruments from your Biomek NGeniuS Portal with network enabled scalability

Biomek Automated Workstations are not intended or validated for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions.

In development, performance characteristics have not been validated.

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Biomek NGeniuS